Main Court

The first place to go! Pick up the basics and learn the proper way to jump and fall. You’ll definitely learn the basics of warm-ups and stretching.



jump, Tap & Score


JUMP, TAP, SCORE! Test your reflexes and response! The highest points win!



Velcro fly wall

Ever wonder how a fly feel on a glue paper? Now you’re the fly!



Street Soccer

Who doesn’t love a game of football? In-case you’re bored of trampolines, let’s play a friendly game of football!




Is that a bird or a plane? NO, it’s a Jumper! Take flight at Zipline! An attraction we’re all waiting for!!!





THIS MEANS WAR! No one’s ever safe at Dodgeball court. If you’re hit, you’re OUT! Kindly no headshots allowed.


High Performance


From trampolines classes to trampoline shows. The most popular attraction at Jump Street!


The Wall


Wall-running seems easy, but its not! It takes time to master the way of The Wall. Ask our Jump Refs for pointers, don’t be shy!





Don’t look down! Experience how acrobats walk on a tight rope! We have a walking stick for beginners, let’s see how
balance you are!



Slam Dunk


Slaaaaammmm DUNK! Soar to the rim and jam the ball in! Strictly NO hanging on the rim.


Big Air Bag

We’ve moved-on from itchy and dusty foam cubes to FUN BAG or you’ll call it the Big Air Bag! Time to take a leap of faith here!



The Cage

We have kid’s friendly trampolines here! Suitable for toddlers who are learning to walk. They’ll learn how to flip before they even learn how to walk!



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